Jacob and Laurie Anne TobackIn 1985, The Lord Jesus Christ Yahshua Messiah revealed Himself on the Cross to this Jewish man at the age of 39 where the Lord called Jacob to be an Evangelist on the streets of Manhattan (New York City) in a powerful street ministry for 17 years.

Then in Sept of 2001 (right after preaching in NYC on 9/11), YAHveh came to Jacob and prompted him into a new ministry with great demonstration of God’s power giving Jacob an intimate revelation of TRUE WORSHIP according to God’s Word. Jacob’s new mandate is to demonstrate and teach TRUE WORSHIP to God’s people according to God’s Word and not according to the dead ritualistic traditions of men.

For over 16 years, Jacob Toback has traveled the world to impart this powerful revelation of TRUE WORSHIP.   It has impacted the lives of thousands of Christians bringing them into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The ministry imparts to everyone who comes, anointing everyone with oil and laying hands on everyone. This powerful impartation not only honors God, but also takes prayer intercession to a whole new level in the Spiritual Realm, bringing the intercessor and Priest into the Fire of His Glory, His Love, and His Truth.

The Lord has produced through Evangelist Jacob Toback 3 books; No Flesh Stands in the Holy of HolinessHoly Communion and Let No Man Touch my Glory. In addition to the Workbook on How to Teach God’s People True Worship with Demonstration of God’s Power. In addition there are 14 Worship CD’s that all focus on Worshiping God in His Throne Room.

Evangelist Jacob Toback and his wife Minister Laurie Anne Toback currently live in Florida where they travel to Churches worldwide, conferences and home gatherings as directed by the Lord teaching, preaching and imparting the “True Worship” as the key vehicle to prepare the Bride (the Church) for our soon and coming of King of Glory, Jesus Christ.  The Tobacks preach the Good News the Gospel, declaring God’s Word, praying for the people with signs and wonders following with God getting all the glory.

When true worship is offered and the glory is released from heaven, healing, deliverance, empowerment, and God’s love fills the sanctuary. In a period when many have become dissatisfied with too much religious entertainment, too much talk about money compared to praying and fasting, when so many are hearing only “tickling of the ear-make me feel good about myself” preaching, Evangelist Toback says the time has come for Holy Spirit filled preaching, which convicts and leads to the saving of the soul. Sadly, many still come to church without being delivered, go without emotional and physical healing, and never experience the holy presence and awesome glory of God.

The ministry of True Worship TV promises to be a “lighthouse” for all those who have a sincere desire to give God absolutely the highest honor, which only He deserves. Evangelist/Worship Leader Toback boldly states, “One visit to the sanctuary will change your life forever and bring you into an experience with the Lord in such a way that you will never settle for anything less!”

Need proof? Come and see for yourself.