Cuba Prophecy – Word from The Lord to Jacob Toback  given  Friday March 24th  2017

  • I have called you to a new work, yes, in Cuba
  • This tiny nation shall rise up from its ruins
  • The world has forgotten this nation
  • The people, though not easily defeated, have given up hope in their hearts that things will change
  • But My Hand will now bring a reverse in destiny
  • I have called you now to bring them to Me through My Worship that will Honor Me.
  • A Sweet sacrifice of humility
  • My Glory shall fall upon this nation, and those around them shall be silent, but will see this nation, as a nation on its knees and face for Me.
  • They will shine My Glory around the world and then others shall follow
  • This will be my work and my work alone – no man shall touch My Glory in this work
  • Now go son and bring my power, encouragement, my revelation and my sure hope to a nation that shall rise from the ashes for My Glory.  I love you.

Jacob’s Cuba 2nd Prophecy Sept 14th 2017

  • My son be at peace. Be at rest. I am doing a new thing at this moment. A Nation is being raised up for My Honor and Glory, not a man, but a Nation.
  • Cuba shall be Holy unto Me. The leaders of Cuba shall be my Leaders and My Mouth pieces, because they have chosen to OBEY MY WORD, which is to Honor Me.
  • Honor Me in WORSHIP that is Worthy of Me and my Son. Those who come close to Me must Honor Me, then I will be Honored before the Whole House of Israel.
  • No man shall take or share My Glory for what I AM doing in Cuba. My Glory and The Fire shall burn bright among my people.
  • The Nations shall come to see My Glory that is Resting upon my people here in this tiny Nation.  All the wise men came to see that “Holy Thing” that was birthed many years ago…. Those longing for my True Glory shall come once again to see… To see what?  To see My Holiness, and Glory resting as a GLORY CLOUD over this tiny Nation.
  • My leaders in this Nation shall teach the leaders from other nations that the only WAY to enter into this experience is for them to RETURN to ME in the WAY that is truth, The Worship of Heaven cries out day and night to a HOLY GOD.
  • My people who are called by My name, must come to Me, the  WAY my sons and daughters came long ago….
  • This WAY was prostrated on their faces.  This has never changed nor will it ever change.  Those who come close to ME must Honor Me says the Lord of Hosts.

Word from Abba Father to Jacob on Nov. 10th 2017

  • Do not be concerned about your travel to Cuba. The door has been opened for you, a door that shall not be shut by any man.
  • I have appropriated you for this special work in Cuba. I will finish all that I have started my people shall be a people devoted to ME alone. They will be a special and precious in my sight a Nation that shall walk with Me as no Nation has done in obedience to Me.
  • This work I AM accomplishing in their hearts (through True Worship) this Nation shall lead many others to My Throne.   Cuba shall be my Holy Nation, set aside for My works, and My works alone.
  • I AM empowering both you and your wife, to accomplish this work look nowhere else but to this tiny Nation that will be a Giant in Faith.