About Us

We are born again believers saved by His Grace who are disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ. We do the full ministry of The Lord Jesus Christ. We set the captives free, heal the sick and proclaim the Good News The Gospel of Jesus Christ. We take people through repentance of unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and resentment and bring them in position to receive directly from God.

We teach True Worship according to God’s Word. True is the Condition of heart and the Position of the Body (bow, kneel and prostrate).


To Restore True Worship to God’s people according to The Word of God


The new mandate from YAHveh our God and Father was and is, to restore TRUE WORSHIP to God’s people. That is worship according to God’s Word and not according to the dead ritualistic traditions of men, with demonstration of God’s power by His Holy Spirit.
Render unto YAHVEH Honor and Might render unto YAHVEH the Honor due His Name
Bow to YAHVEH in the Beauty of Holiness. Psalms 29:1-2


For God’s people to be put into a position for a personal relationship with God through True Worship.