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Jacob Toback
Evangelist and Apostolic Worship leader Jacob Toback and Minister Laurie Anne Toback Teaching True Worship to the Body of Christ. Training Pastors, Church Leaders, Worship Leaders, and Saints (the Bride of Christ).Do you want the Glory of God to fall in your prayer closet? The veil have been torn and you can now come into the Holy of Holies directly on your face your head at YAHshua Jesus feet. .According to the Word of God Worship consists of two things:1. Condition of the Heart (must have a pure heart to see God)2. Position of the Body (Bow, Kneel and Prostrate)Call Evangelist and Worship Leader Jacob Toback at 516-840-0800 if you have questionsWeb Sites:trueworshiptv.comTrue-Worship.com
Published at 2018, June 21
Abba Father is near
YAHSHUA Messiah is Lord of all

Saved by Grace not by works
The Lord Jesus bless
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