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Holy is The Lord – Volume 1

Price: $15.00

One of the best Throne Room Worship CD’s Jimmie Black has ever produced. Intimacy with God is the theme, as we here the spirit saying His love is stronger than mine. Heaven’s Worship is truly invading earth as you enter into the Fire of His Glory, His love and His Truth.


Bow at His Feet – Volume 2


This anointed Worship CD has brought thousands of worshipers into the throne room of God. Bringing reality to the Holy of Holies and is more than a possibility of coming face to face with God, the Son and Holy Spirit.


We Bow Down – Volume 3


The theme for this True Worship CD of intercession is Humility, submission of our will to the Father and giving Him our lives in exchange for His life in us. This is the only road that can lead us into His power and His Glory.


We Cry Holy is the Lamb – Volume 4

Price: $15.00

This anointed Worship music CD lifts up YAH-shua (Jesus), The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.He is Glorious, Majestic,Powerful and Holy. Every Knee shall bow to him.


Blessing, Honor, Glory – Volume 5

Price: $15.00

Return to the mountain of the Lord is the goal of the anointed CD. Through the anointing of Jimmie Black, The holy Spirit gives is a desire to return to the heart of God. The purpose of this CD is to recognize that YAH-veh is the one and only God, there is none like Him.


Holy Unto You –  Volume 6

Price: $15.00

This anointed Worship CD stresses as it’s theme, how God is our Refuge and Strength, and that we must trust in Him, him alone. He is our High Tower who we run to in times of trouble.


Come Holy Spirit – Volume 7

Price $15.00

The theme of this worship CD is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was released after YAH-shue (Jesus) ascended to the right hand of the Father. The disciples were commanded to wait in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on High to accomplish what they were to do for the Father. The Holy Spirit also causes is to bear fruit the honors the Father. This is also our command. To wait for the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire.


Healing Worship – Volume 8


By His stripes we are healed

Derek Kuhn one of the most anointed psalmist and vocalist brings us into the throne room. The theme of this masterpiece is healing. Healing and more healing. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. All the words which are based only on scriptures, have produced many healings upon the people of God and others. This is truly healing worship at its highest anointing and is one worship CD that not only do you want for yourself, but what better gift could you give someone.


Show Me Your Glory – Volume 9

Price: $15.00

The psalmist is Jimmie Black. The words are written by Jacob Toback. This worship CD takes you immediately into the throne room, bringing you into complete communion with YAH-veh (God’s name) YAH-shua (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. There is no True Thron Room worship music that can compare to what you are about the hear.


Jacob’s ladder of True Worship from the Holy of Holies

Heavens Worship Invades Earth! – Series 1

Price: $15.00

Unlike in most cd’s, you will not be a spectator, but instead a participator of True Throne Room Worship. The incredible anointing this CD contents will have the Holy Spirit lead you as the bride and priest directly into the Holy of Holies. As you participate in the worship hand in hand with Jacob, you will truly experience the presence of the Holy One of Israel, the four living creatures and 24 elders. You will ascend supernaturally and be immersed into the fire of His glory, His love, and His truth. You will be part of a symphony of perfect submission with heaven, to the One on the throne.


Jacob’s ladder of True Worship – Waiting on the Baptism of the holy Ghost and Fire

Heavens Worship Invades Earth! – Series 2

Price $15.00

This CD is a forerunner in the True Throne Room Worship. It’s focus is waiting for the Baptism of Fire. Jacob achieves what other producers have not even attempted. He with the help of the Holy Spirit brings you into His personal ‘Secret Place” of Worship. supernaturally, you become a participator rather then the usual spectator. Experience the Fire of His Glory with Jacob as you learn to perfect the heavenly pattern of true Worship and wait for the Baptism of fire to descend!


The Golden Volume Collection – The best of Jimmie Black Volume 1

Price: $15.00

  1. We Bow Before You
  2. We Bow Down
  3. Give Unto the Lord, The Glory to His Name
  4. Here at Your Alter
  5. Holy Unto You
  6. More Love, More PWoer
  7. Your Name is Above all Names
  8. Show Me Your Glory
  9. Holy Spirit Come
  10. You Are Holy

The Golden Volume Collection – The best of Jimmie Black Volume 2

Price: $15.00

  1. As We Enter In
  2. You are Holy
  3. No Flesh Stands in The Holy of Holies
  4. Let the Weight of Your Glory Fall
  5. The Presence of the Lord is in this Place
  6. Blessing, Honor & Glory
  7. Sing Hallelujah
  8. I will Wait for You

Certified Course and Workbook

Teaching Gods People True Worship with Demonstration of POWER

Price: $15.00

Simple, easy to understand and teach! This CD is not built on opinions, but all from God’s Word

We Fall Down – True Worship

Price: $15.00

As you Ascend into the Holy mountain of our God YAH-vey, YAH-shua, the Holy Spirit will deliberately lead you past the Outer Courts into the Holy of Holies. Unlike our other CDs this is a mix of Praise and Worship where you learn to differentiate the difference of the inner and outer courts and the relationship of the praise and worship individually.